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01. Me
I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now and find it both soothing and entertaining. Occasionally hard work, but the good times tend to outweigh the bad. I began at LiveJournal. I love candles that smell of strawberries, and I hate having wet feet.I adore tennis, but despise football. I support Roger Federer. I live in Ireland but my imagination runs all over the world. I'm about to start an English BA and have a running tally with Fate. False modesty is shit, but manners are everything.I write a lot, and I'm learning to draw. If I was a crayon, I would be deep purple and large mugs of tea are the best things on earth. I'm a scorpio. I love musical theatre. I love 'Buffy', 'Walking Dead' and 'Awake', but I hate soaps and whodunnits (unless they involve Tom Hiddleston).

02. This journal
This journal contains everything from fanfic to real journal entries, to picspams and gushing posts, rants and the very occasional graphics post. There is a lot of backdated Tennis Slash on here, and a Harry Potter, there's also some Star Wars and a future possibility of Marvel Universe fics.

03. Also
This journal is Friends Only for multiple reasons. PM me if you're interested for whatever reason and I'll get back to you ASAP


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